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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Helping all students learn

We recognize that special education is an area of focus for many of our partners. To help you navigate products and solutions that are relevant to users with special needs and available through Douglas Stewart, we've created a dedicated assistive technology space on our site.

Solutions Categories

Vendor Showcase

Solutions Categories

  • Access Solutions

    Products in our Access category provide equivalent access for students with disabilities, so they can engage with instruction at the same level and pace as their classmates.

  • Communications Solutions

    Communication products make it easier for students with communication disabilities to express their thoughts and intentions to their classmates and instructors.

  • Learning Solutions

    Learning Solutions include instructive software, learning tools and educational toys which help to engage students with attention-related disabilities through entertainment and fun.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Mobile devices provide consolidated replacements for a huge variety of assistive tech solutions. Support these resources with our cases and mobile device management solutions.

Vendor Showcase

  • AVID Education

    AVID Education

    offers a broad range of high quality, classroom-ready headphones that help students, especially those with special needs, improve focus and time-on-task.

  • Big Grips

    Big Grips iPad©

    cases are big, squishy and safe for users of all abilities, and are widely embraced by the Assistive Technology community.

  • Claro


    develops assistive software using leading edge speech and imaging technology – it’s widely used for reading and writing support, proofreading, language learning, magnification, and general access to computers, iPad©, and iPods©.

  • Gripcase


    designs iPad cases to maximize portability, handling and protection, helping to make mobile devices more accessible to special needs users.

  • LeapFrog


    helps every child achieve his or her potential by delivering best-in-class curriculum through engaging content and age-appropriate, multisensory technology platforms.

  • Livescribe


    innovative Smartpen note-taking technology has been recognized as a transformative addition to assistive technology programs everywhere.

  • Parallels


    Desktop software helps accommodate Mac-users' interface familiarities and preferences, while supporting those who require Windows programs to address special needs.

  • Reallusion


    intuitive design software encourages and empowers students of all age groups and abilities to bring their ideas to life with high-quality animations.

  • Trident


    offers a line of robust, innovative iPad cases that help make mobile devices more accessible to users of all dexterity levels.

  • Widgit


    Software supports Assistive Technology users through symbols-based reading and writing software for accessible communication.