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Our virtual campus is a unique place for anyone in the education industry to network with and learn from one another. Feel free to explore, experiment, engage, and emote with us – any day of the week! Whether you want to have a quick team meeting, set up a new class or host an online expo, DStewart Edu is here to support and guide you.

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Looking to do something a little more intimate? We are happy to help you host your private events, conferences, trainings and gatherings. Just schedue a meeting or send us an email to get started with planning.

What sets us apart
Our campus is more than just another zoom meeting. From the moment attendees log on, they enter into an immersive world where they can interact with other users in a way that bridges the digital divide. Visit an art gallery, race boats, see a fireworks show, and so much more – all without ever leaving home.

Our goal here at The Douglas Stewart Company is to work with people and partners from across the education industry to figure out new and better ways to learn, connect, and collaborate virtually. Want to be a part of the conversation? Download our campus, meet with our team, or shoot us a message with your ideas and suggestions.


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