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ESD Product FAQ

What is an ESD product?

ESD stands for Electronic Software Download. This is a software product that your end user can download and activate utilizing the license key (serial number) that is delivered to them via email.

How can I tell that a product I am ordering is an ESD product?

All ESD products are listed with a status of ESD and note that the End User Email is required.

How do I place my order?

For the ESD products with a 5-digit part number, you can place your order in the same manner as any other order (online, fax, or phone). The only difference is that we will require an email address where the license key and instruction email is to be delivered. For the other ESD products fulfilled by our vendor partners, please email your order to

How is ordering an ESD product different from a physical box product?

There is no difference in ordering the ESD products on our website; both types of products are assigned a 5 or 6-digit part number and both are available online.

What do I need to do differently when ordering ESD product?

Providing the email address(s) where the license key and instruction email is to be delivered is the only additional step when ordering an ESD product.

Is it possible to order both ESD and physical products on the same order?

You can order both ESD and physical products, on the same order. The license key and activation email will be sent to you and/or your end user and the physical product will ship via your preferred method.

Can I order multiple ESD products for multiple end users on one order?

It is possible for you to order multiple ESD products for multiple end users but you will need to have all emails sent directly to you and you would need to forward them to the appropriate end user. We are unable to send the emails directly to the different end users on a single order due to defaults in our system. Please note that if you do choose to have the emails sent to you, and you order multiple copies of the same ESD product, you will receive one email with all license keys included in it, so you will want to separate them out before forwarding them to your end users.

How does my end user download and activate the ESD product?

Each product line has different instructions regarding the downloading and activation of their products. Instructions for each product are included in the email that is delivered with the license key.

What is actually delivered when I place an order?

An email is sent to the email address you designate that includes the license key and download/activation instructions.

Is it possible to get a copy of the email after it has been sent?

Yes. Please contact Customer Service at 800-279-2795 to request a copy of this email.

What is the return policy for ESD products?

Returns are not allowed for any ESD orders.

If this product is being delivered via email, why do I need to designate a shipping method on the checkout page?

Due to limitations in our system, you will need to designate UPS as a shipping method to your ESD products. If your order includes both ESD and physical products, please choose your preferred shipping method.

If this product is being delivered via email, when can I or my end user expect the email?

ESD Orders will be fulfilled the same day provided the order is entered into our system prior to the shipping cutoff time of 4:30 PM CST.

What email address is the ESD email being sent from?

ESD emails are sent from Please check your spam filters to ensure you receive these emails.

Can I enter multiple email addresses to receive the license key and activation email?

You may enter up to two email addresses to receive the license key and activation email. You may want to copy your business on the email so that you have a copy if your end user has a question.

Why aren't more products available via ESD?

Electronic Software download is not supported by all product titles. We will keep you informed as new ESD product titles become available.

What information is required to submit an order?

Shipping Method – Checkout requires that you select a Shipping Method. If you are ordering serialized product (ESD) which is deliverable via an email communication, select "UPS Ground" as the shipping method.

Email address – Your Email address is required so we may email your order confirmation. If you have ordered serialized product (ESD) you will be asked to enter the Email address for this communication separately.

PO Number – Your purchase order number is required on all orders.