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Our Team: Executive Owners

The Executive Ownership Team provides strong leadership direction and is committed to advancing the company's mission of providing superior customer service, building long-term relationships, and offering quality product selections. Our executive owners are the driving force behind our corporate values centered on integrity, accountability, relationships, and innovation.

Robert Bernier

Chief Executive Officer, The Douglas Stewart Company

Chuck Hulan

Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Stewart Software & Services


Peter W. Collins

Chief Financial Officer

Lesley Dancker

General Manager – DSC Retail

Tiffany Helley

General Manager – DSC VAR & 3PL

Amanda Francis

General Manager – DSS

Angela Bluhm

Director of Marketing

Derek Perdue

Director of IT

Julien Govaarts

Sr. Strategic Business Analyst

Dionne Stehly

Accounting Manager

Kristin Littel

Customer Service & Software Licensing Manager

Linda Gough

Logistics Manager

Brandon Lindmeier

Manager of Product Management