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Our Team: Sales

The Douglas Stewart Company's Sales Teams are responsible for building relationships with our network of over 4,500 resellers, including college stores and value added resellers who serve the education channel. The Sales Teams take a tailored approach to the sales process by treating our resellers as partners and working with them to find solutions to best reach the education market.

Reseller Team

Stephanie Peri

Director of Sales - VAR/LAR

Amber Roesken

Account Manager

Jessica Elzen

Account Manager

Renee Bacon

Senior Strategic Sales Support

Amy Elliott

Strategic Sales Support

Kyle Stamn

Sales Account Manager

Christine McFadzen

Account Manager

Solutions Team

Bob Holzbauer

Lead National Sales Specialist

Leslie Buhler

Strategic Sales Support

Cali Salonek

Sales Specialist

Adele Walsh

Sales Specialist

Kara Palmer

Strategic Sales Support

Demand Generation Team

Amanda Francis

Director of Adobe Business Unit

Melissa Henke

Data & Marketing Analyst

Grant Beran

Sales Specialist - Adobe

Nicole Prevenas

Supervisor of Adobe Sales

Julie Persin

Lead VIP Conversion Specialist

Mike Taylor

Sales Specialist – Adobe

Hannah Goodspeed

Call Center Supervisor

Brittany Kidd

Adobe Associate Program Manager

Tiffany Stiller

Onboarding Specialist

Michael Weisensel

Outreach Coordinator

Taylor Karlson

Sales Specialist – Adobe

Mike Gerkhardt

CLM Success Specialist

Rachel Metz

Sales Specialist

Joshua Phelps

Program Coordinator

College Store Team

Lesley Dancker

General Manager of Retail

Brittany Richard

Account Manager

Christian Jackson

Sales Account Manager

Jamie Pforr

National Account Manager

Karen Morin

Account Manager

Holly Bickle

Strategic Sales Support

Julien Govaarts

Strategic Business Analyst

Maia Novotnak

Account Manager

Logan Einerson

Account Manager